The view inside…

Am vergangenen Mittwoch habe ich zusammen mit meinem Fotografen-Kollegen Frank Ehlers meine Foto-Ausstellung “Kontraste im Fokus” im Kulturschloß Hamburg-Wandsbek eröffnet.

Hier kannst Du einen Blick in die Ausstellung werfen…

Rays of Light, further up Tarawera Falls, New Zealand

The storms in your Life

>> Your values are your inner compass which keeps you calm even in Stormy Weather, cause you know your destination<< Ela Gobat

Yes, they’re coming from time to time – the Storms – when life feels more like a rollercoaster ride than a smooth journey! But when you stay focused on your goals you know you will master the challenges and when you look back, you might think “that was quite bad, but it made me so much stronger”!

wunder-voll 2020

With those words of encouragement we start our journey into December 2020 of our “Wunder-voll 2020” calender with messages from or chosen by wonderful Ela Gobat and photos taken by Nils-Olaf Kuellsen. If you want one of those desk calenders for yourself or as a gift for someone you’d like to cheer up, pls send PN to me.

In The Mood


Lake Marian, South Island, New Zealand

Milford Sound

Milford_Sound_-_Mitre_Peak, Photography New Zealand, Milford Sound Sunrise, Milford Sound Moody Morning, Milford Sound Reflexions

Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand