Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands

March 2015 – Can you picture yourself for four weeks on a ship far out in the Antarctic Ocean where for miles on end there’s no ship, no settlement and no-one coming to your rescue? I could and it turned out to be the trip of a lifetime.

We started off on the “Polar Pioneer”, a former Expedition Vessel, leaving South America with just about fifty passengers on board. The crew was Russian – named the best for Ice-Conditions. Following Ernest Shackletons footsteps we went to Antarctica first, then following his rescue journey across the Antarctic Ocean towards South Georgia.

You have never been Seasick before? This is the place where it definitely gets everyone!

Penguins at the Beach, Falkland Islands


A snowstorm, trapped in pack ice, beautiful sunrises and rich wildlife made this part of the journey so special.

Elephant Island

A very small island far out in the ocean – more a glacier than any land out here. Shackleton paused here for a short time, but it was too dangerous and no settlement around to find help.

(Fascinating) South Georgia

South Georgia the beauty – MY beauty. This is the place I definitely fell in love with. Beautiful landscape combined with disintegrating Whaling Stations and Wildlife richer you can imagine – a photographer’s dream.

Gold Harbour

“I’m going to take you to one of my favorite beaches – Gold Harbour”, our Project Manager told us. “You’ll pretty soon see why” – we weren’t disappointed.

Stromness (South Georgia)

Stromness turned from a Whaling Station into a Shipyard – when everyone left in 1966 everything was simply left behind.

Grytviken (South Georgia)

Rust never sleeps – and makes this former Whaling station so special.

Salisbury Plain

We are 80.000 – come here when numbers triple during mating seasons….


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